Art & Soul Workshop 30th September 2013

Printmaking experimentation continued in today’s session, with a return to polytile printing using circular pizza packaging! Breaking out of the rectangle produced some lovely organic and inventive designs…
The floor gallery quickly filled up with drying prints, including more etchings from Julie using the printing press as in last week’s workshop (foreground).
Polytile print by Alan.

Double polytile print and plate by Diana.

Polytile print by Carol.

Double polytile print by Julie.

Nuala decided to print her tiles on black paper with light inks, including one inspired by studying an image by Gustav Klimt (below).


Some prints produced very beautiful abstract patterns and textures when cropped
(left by Carol, right by Nuala)
Rani working on a polytile alongside her daughter Devi, whilst diana enjoys some watercolour painting.

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