Pop Art and Soul

As you can see by the images, our sessions are full to bursting, yet despite having close to 20 participants each week there is total peace and silence when the group moves into ‘flow’.

This week we continued our exploration of art movements. Rather than moving sequentially though art history we are taking a phenomenological approach – responding to the interests expressed by the group or what might be currently happening in galleries and museums. I expect at a later date we’ll string the the movements together sequentially.
So on Monday we explored pop art. I brought in a historical overview of the pop art movement (once again thank you wikipedia) and cans of tinned food raided from my kitchen. The group used these items to explore drawing from reality and perspective (something we rarely do). We also created pop art collage.
During the pop art movement one of the key distinguishing features between American and British pop art was British pop art’s inclusion of humour. While I hadn’t included this tidbit in the overview, it was really interesting to see the group’s collage work automatically move in this direction despite having no fore-knowledge of this distinction. Even more interesting was watching the group push artistic boundaries and like last week’s neo-impressionism, this week was about neo-Pop. Here, a drawing of a tin can morphed into a deconstructed collage of a tin can. The label of a tin can thematically evolved into an exploration of tomato soup red, random faces were cut out and assembled in the style of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn.

The session concluded with an Art & Soul committee meeting. We’ll be selecting an image for the upcoming Art & Soul exhibition “Expressions’ which opens April 17 at the Stables, Orleans House Gallery, Riverside, Twickenham. The Private View will be held opening day from 6:00-8:00. We also discussed our Time for Change grant which will involve a film on mental well-being and the arts and engaging the public in conversations on mental health and wellbeing.

Also a big Welcome to Shan who has now come on board as Art & Soul Coordinator  and will be replacing the well-loved Ellie. Shan will be adding to this blog as well with updates on the project while I will continue to share updates on the progress and explorations of the group.


Rani’s Tomato Soup red exploration

Raj’s play on Pop Art and American Advertisers

Dave’s Pop Art collage deconstruction

George’s Play on Marilyn

Stephen choose instead to do some exploratory line work

New group member Paul was in the mood for exploring paint work.

Previous work from the Art & Soul Drawer

Christine’s pastel work

 Kate’s Autumn leaves in pastel

Rani’s chalk pastel work

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