Mental health is leading cause of illness in the workplace 

Another BBC piece found by George who makes a very excellent point about the term ‘Mental Health’

 “There seems to be a general inability to refer to mental illness or mental ill health and the term ‘mental health’ is used inappropriately time and time again. Mental HEALTH is just that – a well mind – so how can ‘mental health’ be a ‘leading cause of illness’?? I think it’s misleading – and down to laziness. Why not say ‘mental illnesses such as stress and depression are now the leading cause of working days lost’?

To add to George’s comment, isn’t it ironic that while being so overly concerned about ‘sanitising’ mental ill health that we call it its positive polar opposite, yet don’t think twice about using very negative mental health terms to comment on day-to-day living. One of the guests at our recent Art & Soul film presentation echoed our own beliefs that negative mental health language is the last uncharted frontier and eventually like the use of racist terms we will come to see how non-ok it is. Meanwhile, I am in total agreement with George.

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