Abstract Expressionism and Archetypes

This week it was wonderful to have such a good turn out at our final Art & Soul session for the term. We were also delighted to welcome 6 new members to the session. We start back on September 14th and after some teething problems, will be returning to our weekly model. Hurrah!

For this session we explored abstract expressionism, focusing on the work of Dutch Artists Marcel Berger and Keren De Vreede. Berger links the concepts of abstract expressionism with brightly coloured panels of pop-art inspired designs in work that is also reminiscent of Modigliani and Lichtenstein.  De Vreedes’ less pictorial imagery makes interesting use of unblended acrylic pigments dragged into garden-inspired images and forms.

As ancient myth played a key influence in the work of abstract expressionists, we linked archetypical themes (for a resources see http://facstaff.gpc.edu/~dcromer/1102/archetypal_symbols.pdf) with the work of Berger, De Vreede as well as masterful Abstract Expressionists such as Jackson Pollock and Willem De Kooning. The group’s work played with personally resonating archetypical themes such as the circle of life, the earth mother, the evil figure with the ultimately good heart, while using dynamic and energetic gestures focusing on spontaneity, improvisation and process.


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