Mindfulness ideas and imagery part 2

Moving on from our mindfulness colouring pages, this week’s session explored mindfulness themes taken from Buddhist influenced meditations. My own favourites by Malcolm Huxter and can be accessed from this link http://www.buddhanet.net/audio.htm.
While listening to several audio meditations, I took out a range of themes designed to focus the thoughts in positive ways, ie. Be calm, embrace happiness, let go of things you cannot change. This made me further consider the wisdoms that we share with ourself and others as a staring point for our art work. Using a blackboard and easel I wrote in large letters,

Let go of….
This directive was intended to encourage participants to consider what their own personal wisdoms might be, or what we would choose to tell the world based on our own personal life experiences. Participants could use written text as their starting point, or create an image which they felt reflected this wisdom. What is important about these types of image-based activities is that they ask us to consider what matters to us and thereby become an outward expression of who we are as a person. I think these ideas can represent important questions we sometimes forget to ask ourselves. But, by filling in these 3 simple statements, we gain insight and clarity. By creating these statements in a visual form we not only give them substance and presence, but also honour these beliefs by giving them our undivided attention. 

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