Art & Soul Exhibition – Flow of Life 28 April – 16 June, 2016

Orleans House Gallery is excited to announce the return of our bi-annual Art & Soul members’ exhibition!
Artwork By Win A.
This year’s theme is ‘Flow of Life’, exploring mental and emotional wellbeing through the arts. The exhibition will take place at our Stables Gallery 28 April to 16 June 2016. As always, we are open to submissions from the entire Art & Soul membership, and would welcome works in any media; sculpture, textile, poetry or print.
If you would like to take part, look out for our submissions forms sent out in the post, or alternatively, please contact Mark De Novellis at Orleans House Gallery 0208 831 6000, who will be happy to provide you with forms. The deadline for submission is Thursday 25 February.
Please be advised that we can only accept one work from each individual and, although we will do our best, due to limited space cannot guarantee that all works will be included. In order to help us do so, please avoid large submissions where possible.

We look forward to receiving your submissions soon!

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