Circles and Squares

Sometimes the most difficult part of getting started with a creative activity is working out subject matter.

A blank piece of paper is both daunting and full of potential, but a big grand design is seldom a prerequisite for a successful piece.

To explore this idea with the Art & Soul group, our starting point was the humble square, the humble circle and the grid.

Here, by exploring options for colour palettes, styles, textures, materials, placement and size variations, you could spend your entire life painting nothing but circles and squares on a grid and never run out of new and interesting combinations.

Allan, nice freehand work

After looking a few on-line examples that illustrated the range of potential options, the group set to work.

The diversity of the group’s work and directions illustrates the intention of the day’s brief – that deconstructing our starting point to it’s simplest, not only removes the stress of feeling a need for a ‘big idea’, it also leaves more than enough scope for for a vast range of creative exploration and development.

Liz working with stamping and found objects
New member Rua, influenced by the forms’ reminiscence of planets and universes
Rani, structured focus
Julie’s colour balancing
New member Bradley, with some fine experimentation work
Raj, finding ways to work around freestyle
Liz, explorations of the brief

Christine, moving her her own direction
Nadia’s lovely colour explorations

Barbara, discovering she prefers working in shapes
Diana’s signature detailed line work

Caitlan, taking it in her own direction today

Martha, taking it her own way too.


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