Meet the Artist – Stables Gallery until March 11, 2016

This week the group worked in the Stables Gallery taking inspiration from the current Meet the Artist exhibition. The show, which is on until 11th March, 2016 shares the personal and current creative practices of Orleans House Gallery’s Arts Education Team.

To accentuate the group’s engagement with the exhibition, I asked them to explore the various artworks  and select two key elements that captured their interest. I explained this could be the subject matter of one painting and the brush work of another; the theme or style of one and the colours of another etc…. I then asked participants to combine their chosen elements to trigger a new creative response that in essence became a novel piece of art work.

The brief of this session paralleled other strategies I’ve used with the group to ‘kickstart’ the creative process and move participants past the challenging hump of not knowing where to begin. Sometimes that’s all it takes – getting starting and not belabouring where to begin.

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