Before Art & Soul…


As part of our Community Learning project, we asked participants to contribute to a blog on the theme of ‘where they were’ before coming to Art & Soul and what they were hoping to find here.

Below are a selection of their initial responses:


” I discovered the Art & Soul group when I was searching for ways to help myself to cope with depression and anxiety following the loss of my both parents, my breast cancer and my inability for cope any longer with the daily life and work-related stress.”



“I was referred to Art & Soul by the Madison Clinic in Teddington because I am a creative person who appreciates art. Before I came I was depressed and lonely with more hours at my disposal than I knew what to do with.”

“Before I came here I had lost confidence as I had a fractured, estranged family life. So often people have told me what and what not to do and if I didn’t do it I would feel guilty. In later life, I got a career and managed financially and socially, but it was all too easy to begin to fall apart when I felt threatened again.”

“I went from a highly regarded professional role to care for two vulnerable adults and isolation, from status to multiple loses. From pressure to maintain another’s care needs to loss of my own well-being. From achievement to the isolation of multiple bereavements.”

” I had a stroke and went to integrated neurological services where I did a painting which I enjoyed.”

“I came to Art & Soul looking for inspiration and to meet people of like mind.”

” I came here wanting to learn something new and to have something else to think about apart from my everyday problems.”

“I was looking to be able to cope and manage my life on my own and effectively due to extremely distressing family circumstances.”

I came to Art & Soul looking for a way to be expressive in my art and to achieve therapy through art.”

“I was looking for Art & Soul!”


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