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A morning’s art  – Monday 8th May 
“When I go into the art room I feel I am coming home.  I don’t know why it’s just a feeling of a sense of belonging.  And so this morning, I arrived, took my cup of tea and poised ready, the long art table in front of me, waiting for the drool of brightly coloured paints to spill over onto the plastic tablecloth.  I had quite a lot on my mind, big family stuff was lurking somewhere ready to explode like a lighted firework, but then somehow, somewhere I dampened the flame and it burned out slowly slowly,  until I felt some kind of inner peace again.
I had planned some stuff I wanted to do, I think it was to paint a door, a brown door which was slightly ajar, and it was like there was nothing around it just a white wall. And this door, it wasn’t even on the ground just suspended.  Anyway I didn’t get to paint it. And I’ve never painted a door before!!
And so some instructions followed on a piece of paper, then a practical demonstration.  Something about putting on silver paper and drawing through it, then painting it.
I wasn’t really taking it in.  I can’t take a lot of detailed instructions at the same time.  I thought, “I can’t do this,” I nearly gave up.  I wanted to paint a door.  
But then a gentle hand, a bit of one-to-one, and I got focused, and I knew what to do, and did it.  It was fun, some new technique, a different kind of paint, enamels. 
The morning was light and free, cups of tea, a brunch lunch, to take as when it pleases.
I looked around at the others, some beautiful images that now filled the art table which was just an hour before so bare of reds and blues and tinted gold.  
The time went quickly and just at the end, I kind of unburdened my issues to a friendly trusting face. That burden I had come with, of a feeling of abandonment and aloneness, halfway to loneliness lifted like a plane when its wheels just leave the runway and it soars into the white dusty clouds.  

And so with the image of reds and golds on a piece of silvery cardboard safely tucked away in a drawer and the art table cleared of paintbrushes dipped in murky sea blue cups of water another art morning ended.” ~ Barbara

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