Domestic and Emotional Abuse

Women’s Refuge Centre: 0808 2000 247 (24 hour help line). You can call this number on behalf of yourself or someone else.

An Occupation Order ( can be put in place to remove an abusive person from the home.

A non-molestation order ( can also be taken out if you want protection from someone.  The National Centre for Domestic Violence ( 0800 970 2070) has on-line forms for both of these.

Local police stations will have a domestic violence unit you can contact.

The Freedom Programme ( can provide other information and support on domestic violence.


  • None of this is your fault
  • You can’t ‘get it right’ in an abusive relationship


  • Keep yourself as safe as possible.
  • Contact a neighbour who could call the police on your behalf.
  • Take evidence, for example a recording on your cell phone.

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