Over half of NHS doctors considering leaving medical career due to overwork

By Mike Broad – October 6th, 2017

Over half of doctors don’t feel appreciated at work and are considering leaving due to stress, a poll finds.
The survey says nearly two out of three of doctors would consider working abroad to improve their work/life balance.
Most doctors are very aware that they have highly transferable skills and will consider working environments in other countries.
Regionally, doctors in the North and South West are the most overworked and have the highest levels of stress. Northern Ireland comes out on top as the best region to work in.
This survey, of over 1,000 doctors by Doctors.net.uk, represents a snapshot of the sentiment of the medical community at a time of change within UK healthcare.
There is already a shortage of doctors in the UK, but with recruitment campaigns to attract British doctors to other countries the situation looks set to get worse.
Dr Richard Pullinger, Consultant in Emergency Medicine commented: “The decision to apply for medical training is never taken lightly and the prospect of hard work required for a medical career is balanced by the expected rewards of making the lives of the injured and unwell a little better.
“The imperfections of health services can weigh heavily upon the those involved. Recent doctors’ strikes in several countries reflect the tension between rising public demand for healthcare and limitations of available resource.”
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