On Friday 9th March, Art and Soul had its first of a three-week block of art sessions at the new Exchange in Twickenham.  A bright airy space with large windows which give the room a bright natural feel, everyone felt quite at home.

The remit for the day was to produce a kaleidoscope as an introductory piece for Art & Soul’s forthcoming exhibition at Orleans House Gallery in April.

The class was almost full, and the individualist way we all put our own visualisation into what was a simple pencil drawn circle encaptured the individuality of this amazingly talented group.  Julia led the session well, with written instructions and a clear message
of what was achievable.

For myself, I was really pleased that this art group is again thriving.  It was a very positive experience to draw different shapes, and it reminded me of what I used to doodle in lessons at school, triangles, and squares and different shapes on lined pieces of paper.  That was the total effort made by me of anything artistic, ‘that’s all I can draw’ my barrier to art and all paintbrushes dipped in yellow coloured water came from this sacred
doodling which was well in my comfort zone.  Art lessons to me were even worse than maths, I never got passed a D grade and gave up as soon as I could.

Now when I drew those triangles again, neatly wrapped in a circle, and coloured in faint
natural colours, I didn’t recognise the scribbled doodler of my childhood.  My love of all things art is growing by the day, triangles and shapes are becoming meaningful images of colour and vibrancy.

There were some beautiful kaleidoscope patchwork colours and shapes from all the other artists, and I can’t wait to see the surprise Julia has put together with the project by putting a section of each of our circles all together to make one big kaleidoscope,
a vision for our exhibition when the talent of all the artists is exhibited as a kaleidoscope of colours, themes and dreams.

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