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Promoting positive mental health during lockdown

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Art & Soul's online theraputic art sessions recognised in helping to combat the mental health effects of COVID-19

‘Remote Connectivity’, devised by our art therapists and the Art & Soul team, was a three-month online programme designed to reduce isolation and assist with maintaining mental and emotional wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Adults with mental health issues in South-West London were posted a pack of art materials and art therapist-devised expressive activities were released via Facebook on a weekly basis, to a private Facebook group, moderated by the art therapist and project coordinator. Activities were posted or emailed to those who do not use Facebook. Additionally the art therapist and project coordinator hold Zoom calls and private calls with participants to support wellbeing during this time. Remote Connectivity developed an online sense of community for Art & Soul, and resulted in much positive feedback and an increased sense of confidence after taking part.

We plan to run a further 8 weeks of online sessions from late July to September. If you want more information get in touch via our Contact Us page.



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