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Art Workshops

Most people join Art & Soul through a series of our free art workshops. They are usually held across the area with many taking place at The Exchange, and ETNA Community Centre, both in Twickenham. However, since the pandemic, we have taken our sessions online with our Remote Connectivity project. 


Both online and offline, these sessions are led by one of our trained artists. They create a safe and welcoming place for individuals looking to improve their mental health and wellbeing through hands-on, creative activity.  You don’t need any artistic skills or previous creative experience to join.  All art materials are supplied.

Everyone attending our workshops automatically joins the Art & Soul community with access to a range of further artistic activities, services and experiences.


Please get in touch if you want to find out more or join the next workshop series.

Art Workshops

Studio Sessions


Beyond our arts workshops, we occasionally offer Studio Sessions. These are designed for existing participants who want more freedom to explore their artistic skills and take their own art projects further.


An arts practitioner supports each session as participants develop their own creative processes in this informal, creative group.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more or join these studio sessions.

Art studio
Studio Sessions
Taster sessions



To celebrate the work of our Art & Soul community we organise a bi-annual art exhibition in the area for all participants of our workshops and studio sessions to show their work to family, friends and local art lovers.  


Our art therapists also arrange occasional group visits to art galleries around London to view the work of professional artists.

Contact us if you would like to stay up to date about our future exhibitions. 


Sir Vince Cable at an exhibition

Taster Sessions

We aim to support as many people with mental health challenges in the local community as we can. That’s why we run one-off taster sessions, also known as Outreach sessions, across the area.


Some are organised at the request of specific organisations for their clients or users.  Others are arranged as drop-in sessions for anyone to try. 


Get in touch if you want to find out when and where the next taster sessions are being held.

Drawing with pastels
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