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Mental Health Awareness Week 2021: Finding art and solace in the natural world

Copyright © John Royle

I’m committed to the premise that nature enables people to improve their mental

health. A relaxing walk in the woods helps me to find some relief for the issues

affecting my mental wellbeing. Using nature in my art to express my emotions

provides a different point of view.

I linked up with the Remote Connectivity Art & Soul programme last year after losing

my sister to Covid-19. The project gave me space to express my grief using

materials I found in nature, and eased the loneliness imposed by the lockdown.

Being involved with other people through their artwork lifts my mood. I use images

found in nature a lot in my art.

My grief was a shade of blue, ranging from dark to pale blue. Grief changes, so by

the end of the project I emerged from a dark to a paler shade of blue.

I started beachcombing in order to produce images that reflect my take on nature.

My creations are mainly of fish which reflect my connection to nature. I’m like a fish

swimming against the tide helping to overcome my depression.

Fish Crafts by Jean Keohane



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