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Artist Showcase: Clairelizabethind

In this new blog series we will be showcasing the work of Art & Soul's talented community, using their own words to communicate the importance of art and creativity to their lives.

Top row (left to right): 'PutUrHeARTontheLine', 'Whoze4Dinner', 'AllThingzNice'

Bottom row (left to right): 'EatUrHeARTout', 'HeARTzNMindz'

Within this blog post, we will be looking at the above series of montage images, created by the artist using Photoshop. This vibrant set of images tells a short story of how we act in relationships, as well as the relationship we have with food.

In the artist’s own words:

“A relationship begins with a call, a meeting and then possibly a soiree with perhaps an apéritif, when thingz appear all nice like Sugar ‘n’ Spice.

Relationships are so difficult; I think for many it’s hard to navigate. Life teaches us to often hide who we really are, or rather other parts of our personality but when the main course arrives - when you really get stuck in - peoples trUe characters can change and they rize Up to the top.

Either way You need to keep your wits about you and use both your HeART and Mind to make a well-rounded judgement. What is Art without a li’l bit of HeART!”

As a valued member of the Art & Soul community, Claire has seen the value of creativity for positive wellbeing first-hand. Here she shares her story of lived experience and her encouragement for those in power to make positive changes:

"The world we live in is doing everything wrong - and wrong for a reason when primary school aged children are NOT being taught art.

I don’t mean poetry or art history - of course these are cool but I mean good ole’ drawing, painting, pottery. These mediums are tremendously important. Without art we would wither.

So ask yourselves why are they not letting kids play as artists? Why is art deemed lower of importance when it’s what enriches peoples lives? When it’s the one thing that is taught for people labelled with mental health issues and then deemed important. Stop telling children to sit still for hours and giving them ridiculous mathematics and language. Let them find their way through creative arts, expression and teach them real life skills.

We are all born beautiful beings with the power and potential to be anyone... Then society comes along. All because you don’t feel comfortable or happy in this society DOES NOT make you the problem, far from it, if you don’t fit in take it as a compliment. You have to find your heaven on this planet, and start small.

Have some HeART in a world that sadly lacks it. Workin’ 9-5? That’s no way to make a livin’."

Want to join our community and create art alongside people like Claire? Follow us on Instagram (@artandsoulorg) for more information on our online programme and our upcoming in-person sessions in Twickenham this year.



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