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Guest Blogger - Babs Lee

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The Friday art classes at the Exchange have been very successful, I saw some new faces last week, in the last session.  I was agitated as I knew I had one lesson to go before submitting my work for Kaleidoscope exhibition.  I knew what I wanted to do in my mind but how would it look on paper.  My poem about my granddaughter, and artwork all coming together.  I wasn’t sure what to use on coloured paper, Julia suggested felt tips, and so what appeared in my mind, was now there –  a painted box, a poem, full of colour and vibrancy, like a child looking at a rainbow.

I could see other artwork flowing from the group, but I was so intent on getting my own stuff done, I didn’t really notice others.

Now it’s done, I think “where do I want my artwork to go now?”  I went to the Picasso exhibition, the other day, bold outlines, filled spaces with dots and designs, something unique as when you look close up, you see art in its imperfections, circles going over the lines, colours splashed with other colours not matching, and yet when you look from afar you see why Picasso is so great an artist, the shapes, the forms.

I don’t think I’m a Picasso or a Monet, but through Art & Soul’s Workshops I am learning what my shapes and forms are, what kind of brush to use, where to put what and to fill the spaces just like Picasso.


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