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The media and mental health

In my previous blog I wrote about my commitment to the premise that ‘Art’ enables people to improve their mental health, and how art can provide a different point of view. A different point of view can be seen through the media. The more the public learn about mental health the less likely they are to hold onto negative misconceptions about mental health issues. The media both influences and reflects social attitudes, so the media can play an important in shaping positive public attitudes about mental health.

The Art & Soul organisation is a brilliant platform through which the media could promote positive ways to support people with mental health issues. By promoting organisations like Art & Soul the media supports how art helps people with mental health problems including grief and loneliness.

My ‘blue’ phase of grief continues. But, through art activities with the Remote Connectivity programme my grief has changed from dark blue to a lighter shade of blue. Grief doesn’t end it changes. The Art & Soul remote connectivity programme is helping my soul to heal. So let’s search each other’s minds through art and discover what’s good for the soul - Art & Soul.



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